0575. Distribute Candies

575. Distribute Candies #

题目 #

Given an integer array with even length, where different numbers in this array represent different kinds of candies. Each number means one candy of the corresponding kind. You need to distribute these candies equally in number to brother and sister. Return the maximum number of kinds of candies the sister could gain.

Example 1:

Input: candies = [1,1,2,2,3,3]
Output: 3
There are three different kinds of candies (1, 2 and 3), and two candies for each kind.
Optimal distribution: The sister has candies [1,2,3] and the brother has candies [1,2,3], too. 
The sister has three different kinds of candies.

Example 2:

Input: candies = [1,1,2,3]
Output: 2
Explanation: For example, the sister has candies [2,3] and the brother has candies [1,1]. 
The sister has two different kinds of candies, the brother has only one kind of candies.


  1. The length of the given array is in range [2, 10,000], and will be even.
  2. The number in given array is in range [-100,000, 100,000].

题目大意 #


解题思路 #

  • 给出一个糖果数组,里面每个元素代表糖果的种类,相同数字代表相同种类。把这些糖果分给兄弟姐妹,问姐妹最多可以分到多少种糖果。这一题比较简单,用 map 统计每个糖果的出现频次,如果总数比 n/2 小,那么就返回 len(map),否则返回 n/2 (即一半都分给姐妹)。

代码 #

package leetcode

func distributeCandies(candies []int) int {
	n, m := len(candies), make(map[int]struct{}, len(candies))
	for _, candy := range candies {
		m[candy] = struct{}{}
	res := len(m)
	if n/2 < res {
		return n / 2
	return res



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