0676. Implement Magic Dictionary

676. Implement Magic Dictionary #

题目 #

Implement a magic directory with buildDict, and search methods.

For the method buildDict, you’ll be given a list of non-repetitive words to build a dictionary.

For the method search, you’ll be given a word, and judge whether if you modify exactly one character into anothercharacter in this word, the modified word is in the dictionary you just built.

Example 1:

Input: buildDict(["hello", "leetcode"]), Output: Null
Input: search("hello"), Output: False
Input: search("hhllo"), Output: True
Input: search("hell"), Output: False
Input: search("leetcoded"), Output: False


  1. You may assume that all the inputs are consist of lowercase letters a-z.
  2. For contest purpose, the test data is rather small by now. You could think about highly efficient algorithm after the contest.
  3. Please remember to RESET your class variables declared in class MagicDictionary, as static/class variables are persisted across multiple test cases. Please see  here for more details.

题目大意 #

实现一个带有 buildDict, 以及 search 方法的魔法字典。对于 buildDict 方法,你将被给定一串不重复的单词来构建一个字典。对于 search 方法,你将被给定一个单词,并且判定能否只将这个单词中一个字母换成另一个字母,使得所形成的新单词存在于你构建的字典中。

解题思路 #

  • 实现 MagicDictionary 的数据结构,这个数据结构内会存储一个字符串数组,当执行 Search 操作的时候要求判断传进来的字符串能否只改变一个字符(不能增加字符也不能删除字符)就能变成 MagicDictionary 中存储的字符串,如果可以,就输出 true,如果不能,就输出 false
  • 这题的解题思路比较简单,用 Map 判断即可。

代码 #

package leetcode

type MagicDictionary struct {
	rdict map[int]string

/** Initialize your data structure here. */
func Constructor676() MagicDictionary {
	return MagicDictionary{rdict: make(map[int]string)}

/** Build a dictionary through a list of words */
func (this *MagicDictionary) BuildDict(dict []string) {
	for k, v := range dict {
		this.rdict[k] = v

/** Returns if there is any word in the trie that equals to the given word after modifying exactly one character */
func (this *MagicDictionary) Search(word string) bool {
	for _, v := range this.rdict {
		n := 0
		if len(word) == len(v) {
			for i := 0; i < len(v); i++ {
				if word[i] != v[i] {
					n += 1
			if n == 1 {
				return true
	return false

 * Your MagicDictionary object will be instantiated and called as such:
 * obj := Constructor();
 * obj.BuildDict(dict);
 * param_2 := obj.Search(word);



Calendar Apr 8, 2023
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