1704. Determine if String Halves Are Alike

1704. Determine if String Halves Are Alike #

题目 #

You are given a string s of even length. Split this string into two halves of equal lengths, and let a be the first half and b be the second half.

Two strings are alike if they have the same number of vowels ('a''e''i''o''u''A''E''I''O''U'). Notice that s contains uppercase and lowercase letters.

Return true if a and b are alike. Otherwise, return false.

Example 1:

Input: s = "book"
Output: true
Explanation: a = "bo" and b = "ok". a has 1 vowel and b has 1 vowel. Therefore, they are alike.

Example 2:

Input: s = "textbook"
Output: false
Explanation: a = "text" and b = "book". a has 1 vowel whereas b has 2. Therefore, they are not alike.
Notice that the vowel o is counted twice.

Example 3:

Input: s = "MerryChristmas"
Output: false

Example 4:

Input: s = "AbCdEfGh"
Output: true


  • 2 <= s.length <= 1000
  • s.length is even.
  • s consists of uppercase and lowercase letters.

题目大意 #

给你一个偶数长度的字符串 s 。将其拆分成长度相同的两半,前一半为 a ,后一半为 b 。两个字符串 相似 的前提是它们都含有相同数目的元音(‘a’,‘e’,‘i’,‘o’,‘u’,‘A’,‘E’,‘I’,‘O’,‘U’)。注意,s 可能同时含有大写和小写字母。如果 a 和 b 相似,返回 true ;否则,返回 false 。

解题思路 #

  • 简单题。依题意,分别统计前半段元音字母的个数和后半段元音字母的个数,个数相同则输出 true,不同就输出 false。

代码 #

package leetcode

func halvesAreAlike(s string) bool {
	return numVowels(s[len(s)/2:]) == numVowels(s[:len(s)/2])

func numVowels(x string) int {
	res := 0
	for _, c := range x {
		switch c {
		case 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u', 'A', 'E', 'I', 'O', 'U':
	return res



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