2.01 Array

Array #

0001Two SumGoEasyO(n)O(n)49.1%
0004Median of Two Sorted ArraysGoHard35.2%
0011Container With Most WaterGoMediumO(n)O(1)54.3%
00163Sum ClosestGoMediumO(n^2)O(1)❤️46.2%
0026Remove Duplicates from Sorted ArrayGoEasyO(n)O(1)50.3%
0027Remove ElementGoEasyO(n)O(1)52.1%
0031Next PermutationGoMedium37.1%
0033Search in Rotated Sorted ArrayGoMedium38.6%
0034Find First and Last Position of Element in Sorted ArrayGoMedium41.5%
0035Search Insert PositionGoEasy42.0%
0036Valid SudokuGoMedium56.8%
0037Sudoku SolverGoHard56.6%
0039Combination SumGoMediumO(n log n)O(n)67.6%
0040Combination Sum IIGoMediumO(n log n)O(n)53.3%
0041First Missing PositiveGoHardO(n)O(n)36.5%
0042Trapping Rain WaterGoHardO(n)O(1)❤️58.8%
0045Jump Game IIGoMedium38.5%
0047Permutations IIGoMedium56.7%
0048Rotate ImageGoMediumO(n)O(1)69.9%
0049Group AnagramsGoMedium65.9%
0053Maximum SubarrayGoMediumO(n)O(n)50.0%
0054Spiral MatrixGoMediumO(n)O(n^2)43.6%
0055Jump GameGoMedium38.4%
0056Merge IntervalsGoMediumO(n log n)O(1)45.9%
0057Insert IntervalGoMediumO(n)O(1)37.9%
0059Spiral Matrix IIGoMediumO(n)O(n^2)66.5%
0063Unique Paths IIGoMediumO(n^2)O(n^2)39.1%
0064Minimum Path SumGoMediumO(n^2)O(n^2)60.6%
0066Plus OneGoEasy43.3%
0073Set Matrix ZeroesGoMedium50.0%
0074Search a 2D MatrixGoMedium46.8%
0075Sort ColorsGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️57.1%
0079Word SearchGoMediumO(n^2)O(n^2)❤️39.8%
0080Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array IIGoMediumO(n)O(151.5%
0081Search in Rotated Sorted Array IIGoMedium35.7%
0084Largest Rectangle in HistogramGoHardO(n)O(n)❤️42.1%
0088Merge Sorted ArrayGoEasyO(n)O(1)❤️45.7%
0090Subsets IIGoMediumO(n^2)O(n)❤️55.2%
0105Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder TraversalGoMedium60.7%
0106Construct Binary Tree from Inorder and Postorder TraversalGoMedium57.4%
0108Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search TreeGoEasy69.0%
0118Pascal’s TriangleGoEasy69.0%
0119Pascal’s Triangle IIGoEasy59.6%
0121Best Time to Buy and Sell StockGoEasyO(n)O(1)54.5%
0122Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock IIGoMediumO(n)O(1)63.3%
0128Longest Consecutive SequenceGoMedium48.9%
0130Surrounded RegionsGoMedium35.9%
0136Single NumberGoEasy70.0%
0137Single Number IIGoMedium57.7%
0150Evaluate Reverse Polish NotationGoMedium44.1%
0152Maximum Product SubarrayGoMediumO(n)O(1)34.9%
0153Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted ArrayGoMedium48.5%
0154Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array IIGoHard43.4%
0162Find Peak ElementGoMedium46.2%
0164Maximum GapGoHard42.6%
0167Two Sum II - Input Array Is SortedGoMediumO(n)O(1)60.0%
0169Majority ElementGoEasy63.8%
0174Dungeon GameGoHard37.3%
0189Rotate ArrayGoMedium39.2%
0198House RobberGoMedium48.7%
0200Number of IslandsGoMedium56.2%
0204Count PrimesGoMedium33.1%
0209Minimum Size Subarray SumGoMediumO(n)O(1)44.4%
0212Word Search IIGoHard36.9%
0213House Robber IIGoMedium40.7%
0215Kth Largest Element in an ArrayGoMedium65.7%
0216Combination Sum IIIGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️67.0%
0217Contains DuplicateGoEasyO(n)O(n)61.3%
0218The Skyline ProblemGoHard41.5%
0219Contains Duplicate IIGoEasyO(n)O(n)42.3%
0220Contains Duplicate IIIGoHard21.9%
0228Summary RangesGoEasy46.8%
0229Majority Element IIGoMedium44.0%
0239Sliding Window MaximumGoHard46.6%
0240Search a 2D Matrix IIGoMedium50.5%
0260Single Number IIIGoMedium67.4%
0268Missing NumberGoEasy61.5%
0275H-Index IIGoMedium37.4%
0283Move ZeroesGoEasyO(n)O(1)61.3%
0284Peeking IteratorGoMedium58.2%
0287Find the Duplicate NumberGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️59.1%
0300Longest Increasing SubsequenceGoMedium51.5%
0303Range Sum Query - ImmutableGoEasy58.0%
0304Range Sum Query 2D - ImmutableGoMedium52.1%
0307Range Sum Query - MutableGoMedium40.7%
0309Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with CooldownGoMedium54.4%
0315Count of Smaller Numbers After SelfGoHard42.8%
0318Maximum Product of Word LengthsGoMedium60.1%
0322Coin ChangeGoMedium41.5%
0324Wiggle Sort IIGoMedium32.9%
0327Count of Range SumGoHard36.0%
0329Longest Increasing Path in a MatrixGoHard52.1%
0347Top K Frequent ElementsGoMedium64.8%
0349Intersection of Two ArraysGoEasy70.2%
0350Intersection of Two Arrays IIGoEasy55.5%
0354Russian Doll EnvelopesGoHard38.3%
0368Largest Divisible SubsetGoMedium41.2%
0373Find K Pairs with Smallest SumsGoMedium38.4%
0376Wiggle SubsequenceGoMedium48.2%
0377Combination Sum IVGoMedium52.1%
0378Kth Smallest Element in a Sorted MatrixGoMedium61.6%
0384Shuffle an ArrayGoMedium57.6%
0391Perfect RectangleGoHard32.5%
0393UTF-8 ValidationGoMedium45.2%
0396Rotate FunctionGoMedium40.4%
0399Evaluate DivisionGoMedium59.5%
0410Split Array Largest SumGoHard53.2%
0413Arithmetic SlicesGoMedium65.1%
0414Third Maximum NumberGoEasy32.5%
0416Partition Equal Subset SumGoMedium46.7%
0417Pacific Atlantic Water FlowGoMedium54.0%
0419Battleships in a BoardGoMedium74.6%
0421Maximum XOR of Two Numbers in an ArrayGoMedium54.6%
0435Non-overlapping IntervalsGoMedium49.8%
0436Find Right IntervalGoMedium50.3%
0447Number of BoomerangsGoMedium54.6%
0448Find All Numbers Disappeared in an ArrayGoEasy59.6%
0453Minimum Moves to Equal Array ElementsGoMedium55.6%
04544Sum IIGoMedium57.3%
0455Assign CookiesGoEasy50.6%
0456132 PatternGoMedium32.4%
0457Circular Array LoopGoMedium32.2%
0462Minimum Moves to Equal Array Elements IIGoMedium60.1%
0463Island PerimeterGoEasy69.5%
0473Matchsticks to SquareGoMedium40.4%
0474Ones and ZeroesGoMedium46.7%
0477Total Hamming DistanceGoMedium52.2%
0480Sliding Window MedianGoHard41.4%
0485Max Consecutive OnesGoEasy56.0%
0491Increasing SubsequencesGoMedium52.0%
0493Reverse PairsGoHard30.8%
0494Target SumGoMedium45.6%
0495Teemo AttackingGoEasy57.0%
0496Next Greater Element IGoEasy71.3%
0498Diagonal TraverseGoMedium58.0%
0500Keyboard RowGoEasy69.0%
0503Next Greater Element IIGoMedium63.1%
0506Relative RanksGoEasy58.9%
0518Coin Change IIGoMedium59.8%
0523Continuous Subarray SumGoMedium27.7%
0524Longest Word in Dictionary through DeletingGoMedium51.2%
0525Contiguous ArrayGoMedium46.8%
0526Beautiful ArrangementGoMedium64.6%
0532K-diff Pairs in an ArrayGoMediumO(n)O(n)40.7%
0540Single Element in a Sorted ArrayGoMedium58.5%
054201 MatrixGoMedium44.2%
0554Brick WallGoMedium53.1%
0560Subarray Sum Equals KGoMedium44.0%
0561Array PartitionGoEasy76.6%
0566Reshape the MatrixGoEasyO(n^2)O(n^2)62.7%
0575Distribute CandiesGoEasy66.1%
0581Shortest Unsorted Continuous SubarrayGoMedium36.2%
0594Longest Harmonious SubsequenceGoEasy53.1%
0598Range Addition IIGoEasy55.0%
0599Minimum Index Sum of Two ListsGoEasy52.8%
0605Can Place FlowersGoEasy33.0%
0609Find Duplicate File in SystemGoMedium67.8%
0611Valid Triangle NumberGoMedium50.4%
0622Design Circular QueueGoMedium51.8%
0628Maximum Product of Three NumbersGoEasyO(n)O(1)46.4%
0630Course Schedule IIIGoHard40.2%
0632Smallest Range Covering Elements from K ListsGoHard60.4%
0636Exclusive Time of FunctionsGoMedium61.0%
0638Shopping OffersGoMedium54.2%
0643Maximum Average Subarray IGoEasy43.8%
0645Set MismatchGoEasy43.0%
0648Replace WordsGoMedium62.7%
0658Find K Closest ElementsGoMedium46.7%
0661Image SmootherGoEasy55.0%
0665Non-decreasing ArrayGoMedium24.1%
0667Beautiful Arrangement IIGoMedium59.7%
0674Longest Continuous Increasing SubsequenceGoEasy49.1%
0682Baseball GameGoEasy73.6%
0695Max Area of IslandGoMedium71.7%
0697Degree of an ArrayGoEasy55.8%
0699Falling SquaresGoHard44.4%
0704Binary SearchGoEasy55.1%
0705Design HashSetGoEasy66.0%
0706Design HashMapGoEasy65.1%
0713Subarray Product Less Than KGoMediumO(n)O(1)45.1%
0714Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with Transaction FeeGoMediumO(n)O(1)64.3%
07171-bit and 2-bit CharactersGoEasy46.0%
0718Maximum Length of Repeated SubarrayGoMedium51.6%
0719Find K-th Smallest Pair DistanceGoHard36.3%
0720Longest Word in DictionaryGoMedium51.8%
0721Accounts MergeGoMedium56.3%
0724Find Pivot IndexGoEasy53.4%
0733Flood FillGoEasy60.4%
0735Asteroid CollisionGoMedium44.4%
0739Daily TemperaturesGoMedium66.5%
0744Find Smallest Letter Greater Than TargetGoEasy44.6%
0746Min Cost Climbing StairsGoEasyO(n)O(1)62.3%
0747Largest Number At Least Twice of OthersGoEasy46.3%
0748Shortest Completing WordGoEasy59.2%
0752Open the LockGoMedium55.5%
0766Toeplitz MatrixGoEasyO(n)O(1)68.1%
0775Global and Local InversionsGoMedium43.8%
0778Swim in Rising WaterGoHard59.6%
0781Rabbits in ForestGoMedium55.3%
0786K-th Smallest Prime FractionGoMedium50.7%
0794Valid Tic-Tac-Toe StateGoMedium35.2%
0795Number of Subarrays with Bounded MaximumGoMedium52.7%
0803Bricks Falling When HitGoHard34.3%
0807Max Increase to Keep City SkylineGoMedium86.0%
0810Chalkboard XOR GameGoHard55.1%
0811Subdomain Visit CountGoMedium75.1%
0812Largest Triangle AreaGoEasy60.0%
0815Bus RoutesGoHard45.7%
0817Linked List ComponentsGoMedium58.1%
0820Short Encoding of WordsGoMedium60.7%
0821Shortest Distance to a CharacterGoEasy71.4%
0823Binary Trees With FactorsGoMedium50.0%
0825Friends Of Appropriate AgesGoMedium46.4%
0826Most Profit Assigning WorkGoMedium44.4%
0832Flipping an ImageGoEasy80.4%
0839Similar String GroupsGoHard47.6%
0845Longest Mountain in ArrayGoMedium40.2%
0846Hand of StraightsGoMedium56.5%
0850Rectangle Area IIGoHard53.7%
0851Loud and RichGoMedium58.2%
0852Peak Index in a Mountain ArrayGoMedium69.5%
0853Car FleetGoMedium50.0%
0862Shortest Subarray with Sum at Least KGoHard26.1%
0864Shortest Path to Get All KeysGoHard45.4%
0867Transpose MatrixGoEasyO(n)O(1)63.4%
0870Advantage ShuffleGoMedium51.7%
0874Walking Robot SimulationGoMedium38.4%
0875Koko Eating BananasGoMedium52.4%
0877Stone GameGoMedium69.7%
0881Boats to Save PeopleGoMedium52.7%
0885Spiral Matrix IIIGoMedium73.1%
0888Fair Candy SwapGoEasy60.5%
0890Find and Replace PatternGoMedium77.9%
0891Sum of Subsequence WidthsGoHardO(n log n)O(1)36.4%
0892Surface Area of 3D ShapesGoEasy63.1%
0896Monotonic ArrayGoEasy58.2%
0898Bitwise ORs of SubarraysGoMedium36.8%
0904Fruit Into BasketsGoMedium42.6%
0907Sum of Subarray MinimumsGoMediumO(n)O(n)❤️34.3%
0909Snakes and LaddersGoMedium40.9%
0910Smallest Range IIGoMedium34.5%
0911Online ElectionGoMedium52.0%
0914X of a Kind in a Deck of CardsGoEasy32.1%
0916Word SubsetsGoMedium54.1%
0918Maximum Sum Circular SubarrayGoMedium38.1%
0922Sort Array By Parity IIGoEasyO(n)O(1)70.7%
09233Sum With MultiplicityGoMedium45.4%
0924Minimize Malware SpreadGoHard42.1%
0927Three Equal PartsGoHard39.6%
0928Minimize Malware Spread IIGoHard42.6%
0930Binary Subarrays With SumGoMedium50.9%
0942DI String MatchGoEasy76.6%
0946Validate Stack SequencesGoMedium67.6%
0952Largest Component Size by Common FactorGoHard40.4%
0953Verifying an Alien DictionaryGoEasy52.7%
0961N-Repeated Element in Size 2N ArrayGoEasy75.8%
0966Vowel SpellcheckerGoMedium51.5%
0969Pancake SortingGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️70.0%
0973K Closest Points to OriginGoMedium65.9%
0976Largest Perimeter TriangleGoEasy54.7%
0977Squares of a Sorted ArrayGoEasyO(n)O(1)71.9%
0978Longest Turbulent SubarrayGoMedium47.4%
0980Unique Paths IIIGoHard79.6%
0985Sum of Even Numbers After QueriesGoMedium68.3%
0986Interval List IntersectionsGoMedium71.4%
0989Add to Array-Form of IntegerGoEasy45.5%
0990Satisfiability of Equality EquationsGoMedium50.7%
0992Subarrays with K Different IntegersGoHard54.3%
0995Minimum Number of K Consecutive Bit FlipsGoHard51.1%
0996Number of Squareful ArraysGoHard49.3%
0997Find the Town JudgeGoEasy49.4%
0999Available Captures for RookGoEasy67.8%
1002Find Common CharactersGoEasy68.3%
1004Max Consecutive Ones IIIGoMedium63.5%
1005Maximize Sum Of Array After K NegationsGoEasy51.1%
1010Pairs of Songs With Total Durations Divisible by 60GoMedium53.0%
1011Capacity To Ship Packages Within D DaysGoMedium64.5%
1018Binary Prefix Divisible By 5GoEasy47.4%
1019Next Greater Node In Linked ListGoMedium59.8%
1020Number of EnclavesGoMedium64.8%
1030Matrix Cells in Distance OrderGoEasy69.3%
1034Coloring A BorderGoMedium48.9%
1037Valid BoomerangGoEasy37.5%
1040Moving Stones Until Consecutive IIGoMedium55.6%
1048Longest String ChainGoMedium59.2%
1049Last Stone Weight IIGoMedium52.4%
1051Height CheckerGoEasy75.0%
1052Grumpy Bookstore OwnerGoMedium57.0%
1054Distant BarcodesGoMedium45.7%
1073Adding Two Negabinary NumbersGoMedium36.4%
1074Number of Submatrices That Sum to TargetGoHard69.8%
1089Duplicate ZerosGoEasy51.5%
1091Shortest Path in Binary MatrixGoMedium44.5%
1105Filling Bookcase ShelvesGoMedium59.0%
1122Relative Sort ArrayGoEasy68.4%
1128Number of Equivalent Domino PairsGoEasy46.9%
1157Online Majority Element In SubarrayGoHard42.0%
1160Find Words That Can Be Formed by CharactersGoEasy67.8%
1170Compare Strings by Frequency of the Smallest CharacterGoMedium61.3%
1178Number of Valid Words for Each PuzzleGoHard46.6%
1184Distance Between Bus StopsGoEasy54.1%
1200Minimum Absolute DifferenceGoEasy69.8%
1207Unique Number of OccurrencesGoEasy70.9%
1217Minimum Cost to Move Chips to The Same PositionGoEasy72.2%
1232Check If It Is a Straight LineGoEasy41.2%
1235Maximum Profit in Job SchedulingGoHard51.1%
1239Maximum Length of a Concatenated String with Unique CharactersGoMedium52.2%
1252Cells with Odd Values in a MatrixGoEasy78.6%
1254Number of Closed IslandsGoMedium64.2%
1260Shift 2D GridGoEasy68.0%
1266Minimum Time Visiting All PointsGoEasy79.1%
1268Search Suggestions SystemGoMedium66.6%
1275Find Winner on a Tic Tac Toe GameGoEasy54.3%
1283Find the Smallest Divisor Given a ThresholdGoMedium55.3%
1287Element Appearing More Than 25% In Sorted ArrayGoEasy59.6%
1293Shortest Path in a Grid with Obstacles EliminationGoHard43.6%
1295Find Numbers with Even Number of DigitsGoEasy76.9%
1296Divide Array in Sets of K Consecutive NumbersGoMedium56.6%
1299Replace Elements with Greatest Element on Right SideGoEasy74.7%
1300Sum of Mutated Array Closest to TargetGoMedium43.1%
1304Find N Unique Integers Sum up to ZeroGoEasy77.1%
1306Jump Game IIIGoMedium63.0%
1310XOR Queries of a SubarrayGoMedium72.2%
1313Decompress Run-Length Encoded ListGoEasy85.9%
1329Sort the Matrix DiagonallyGoMedium83.6%
1337The K Weakest Rows in a MatrixGoEasy73.0%
1353Maximum Number of Events That Can Be AttendedGoMedium32.9%
1380Lucky Numbers in a MatrixGoEasy70.5%
1383Maximum Performance of a TeamGoHard48.9%
1385Find the Distance Value Between Two ArraysGoEasy65.4%
1389Create Target Array in the Given OrderGoEasy85.9%
1423Maximum Points You Can Obtain from CardsGoMedium52.3%
1437Check If All 1’s Are at Least Length K Places AwayGoEasy59.2%
1438Longest Continuous Subarray With Absolute Diff Less Than or Equal to LimitGoMedium48.0%
1439Find the Kth Smallest Sum of a Matrix With Sorted RowsGoHard61.4%
1442Count Triplets That Can Form Two Arrays of Equal XORGoMedium75.6%
1463Cherry Pickup IIGoHard70.2%
1464Maximum Product of Two Elements in an ArrayGoEasy79.3%
1465Maximum Area of a Piece of Cake After Horizontal and Vertical CutsGoMedium40.8%
1470Shuffle the ArrayGoEasy88.6%
1480Running Sum of 1d ArrayGoEasy89.7%
1482Minimum Number of Days to Make m BouquetsGoMedium56.5%
1512Number of Good PairsGoEasy88.2%
1539Kth Missing Positive NumberGoEasy55.9%
1572Matrix Diagonal SumGoEasy79.7%
1608Special Array With X Elements Greater Than or Equal XGoEasy60.0%
1619Mean of Array After Removing Some ElementsGoEasy64.6%
1629Slowest KeyGoEasy59.4%
1631Path With Minimum EffortGoMedium55.3%
1636Sort Array by Increasing FrequencyGoEasy68.6%
1640Check Array Formation Through ConcatenationGoEasy56.1%
1642Furthest Building You Can ReachGoMedium48.3%
1646Get Maximum in Generated ArrayGoEasy50.2%
1648Sell Diminishing-Valued Colored BallsGoMedium30.5%
1649Create Sorted Array through InstructionsGoHard37.2%
1652Defuse the BombGoEasy61.1%
1654Minimum Jumps to Reach HomeGoMedium28.6%
1655Distribute Repeating IntegersGoHard39.6%
1656Design an Ordered StreamGoEasy85.4%
1658Minimum Operations to Reduce X to ZeroGoMedium37.6%
1662Check If Two String Arrays are EquivalentGoEasy83.2%
1664Ways to Make a Fair ArrayGoMedium63.5%
1665Minimum Initial Energy to Finish TasksGoHard56.2%
1670Design Front Middle Back QueueGoMedium56.4%
1672Richest Customer WealthGoEasy88.4%
1673Find the Most Competitive SubsequenceGoMedium49.3%
1674Minimum Moves to Make Array ComplementaryGoMedium38.5%
1675Minimize Deviation in ArrayGoHard52.1%
1679Max Number of K-Sum PairsGoMedium57.4%
1681Minimum IncompatibilityGoHard37.4%
1684Count the Number of Consistent StringsGoEasy81.8%
1685Sum of Absolute Differences in a Sorted ArrayGoMedium65.2%
1690Stone Game VIIGoMedium58.7%
1691Maximum Height by Stacking CuboidsGoHard54.2%
1695Maximum Erasure ValueGoMedium57.7%
1696Jump Game VIGoMedium46.3%
1700Number of Students Unable to Eat LunchGoEasy67.8%
1705Maximum Number of Eaten ApplesGoMedium37.9%
1710Maximum Units on a TruckGoEasy74.0%
1720Decode XORed ArrayGoEasy86.0%
1725Number Of Rectangles That Can Form The Largest SquareGoEasy78.7%
1732Find the Highest AltitudeGoEasy78.7%
1734Decode XORed PermutationGoMedium62.3%
1738Find Kth Largest XOR Coordinate ValueGoMedium61.5%
1744Can You Eat Your Favorite Candy on Your Favorite Day?GoMedium32.8%
1748Sum of Unique ElementsGoEasy75.6%
1752Check if Array Is Sorted and RotatedGoEasy49.2%
1816Truncate SentenceGoEasy81.9%
1818Minimum Absolute Sum DifferenceGoMedium30.1%
1846Maximum Element After Decreasing and RearrangingGoMedium59.0%
1877Minimize Maximum Pair Sum in ArrayGoMedium80.3%
1984Minimum Difference Between Highest and Lowest of K ScoresGoEasy53.5%
2021Brightest Position on StreetGoMedium63.0%
2022Convert 1D Array Into 2D ArrayGoEasy58.4%
2037Minimum Number of Moves to Seat EveryoneGoEasy82.1%
2043Simple Bank SystemGoMedium65.9%
2164Sort Even and Odd Indices IndependentlyGoEasy66.6%
2166Design BitsetGoMedium31.3%
2170Minimum Operations to Make the Array AlternatingGoMedium33.2%
2171Removing Minimum Number of Magic BeansGoMedium42.0%
2183Count Array Pairs Divisible by KGoHard28.3%



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