2.01 Array

Array #

0001Two SumGoEasyO(n)O(n)46.7%
0004Median of Two Sorted ArraysGoHard31.4%
0011Container With Most WaterGoMediumO(n)O(1)52.9%
00163Sum ClosestGoMediumO(n^2)O(1)❤️46.3%
0026Remove Duplicates from Sorted ArrayGoEasyO(n)O(1)46.8%
0027Remove ElementGoEasyO(n)O(1)49.5%
0031Next PermutationGoMedium33.9%
0033Search in Rotated Sorted ArrayGoMedium36.1%
0034Find First and Last Position of Element in Sorted ArrayGoMedium37.5%
0035Search Insert PositionGoEasy42.9%
0039Combination SumGoMediumO(n log n)O(n)59.8%
0040Combination Sum IIGoMediumO(n log n)O(n)50.4%
0041First Missing PositiveGoHardO(n)O(n)34.0%
0042Trapping Rain WaterGoHardO(n)O(1)❤️51.6%
0045Jump Game IIGoMedium31.7%
0048Rotate ImageGoMediumO(n)O(1)60.6%
0053Maximum SubarrayGoEasyO(n)O(n)47.9%
0054Spiral MatrixGoMediumO(n)O(n^2)36.5%
0055Jump GameGoMedium35.3%
0056Merge IntervalsGoMediumO(n log n)O(1)41.4%
0057Insert IntervalGoMediumO(n)O(1)35.4%
0059Spiral Matrix IIGoMediumO(n)O(n^2)58.2%
0062Unique PathsGoMediumO(n^2)O(n^2)56.3%
0063Unique Paths IIGoMediumO(n^2)O(n^2)35.4%
0064Minimum Path SumGoMediumO(n^2)O(n^2)56.5%
0066Plus OneGoEasy42.2%
0073Set Matrix ZeroesGoMedium44.6%
0074Search a 2D MatrixGoMedium38.1%
0075Sort ColorsGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️49.8%
0079Word SearchGoMediumO(n^2)O(n^2)❤️37.2%
0080Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array IIGoMediumO(n)O(146.4%
0081Search in Rotated Sorted Array IIGoMedium33.7%
0084Largest Rectangle in HistogramGoHardO(n)O(n)❤️37.4%
0088Merge Sorted ArrayGoEasyO(n)O(1)❤️40.9%
0090Subsets IIGoMediumO(n^2)O(n)❤️49.2%
0105Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder TraversalGoMedium52.4%
0106Construct Binary Tree from Inorder and Postorder TraversalGoMedium50.2%
0118Pascal’s TriangleGoEasy55.5%
0119Pascal’s Triangle IIGoEasy52.5%
0121Best Time to Buy and Sell StockGoEasyO(n)O(1)51.8%
0122Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock IIGoEasyO(n)O(1)58.8%
0126Word Ladder IIGoHardO(n)O(n^2)❤️23.8%
0128Longest Consecutive SequenceGoHard46.5%
0152Maximum Product SubarrayGoMediumO(n)O(1)32.9%
0153Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted ArrayGoMedium46.4%
0154Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array IIGoHard42.1%
0162Find Peak ElementGoMedium44.1%
0167Two Sum II - Input array is sortedGoEasyO(n)O(1)55.8%
0169Majority ElementGoEasy60.2%
0189Rotate ArrayGoMedium36.8%
0209Minimum Size Subarray SumGoMediumO(n)O(1)39.8%
0216Combination Sum IIIGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️60.7%
0217Contains DuplicateGoEasyO(n)O(n)56.9%
0219Contains Duplicate IIGoEasyO(n)O(n)38.9%
0228Summary RangesGoEasy42.7%
0229Majority Element IIGoMedium39.1%
0268Missing NumberGoEasy55.3%
0283Move ZeroesGoEasyO(n)O(1)58.7%
0287Find the Duplicate NumberGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️57.9%
0414Third Maximum NumberGoEasy30.7%
0448Find All Numbers Disappeared in an ArrayGoEasy56.2%
0457Circular Array LoopGoMedium30.3%
0485Max Consecutive OnesGoEasy52.6%
0509Fibonacci NumberGoEasy67.5%
0532K-diff Pairs in an ArrayGoMediumO(n)O(n)35.6%
0561Array Partition IGoEasy73.5%
0566Reshape the MatrixGoEasyO(n^2)O(n^2)61.1%
0581Shortest Unsorted Continuous SubarrayGoMedium32.9%
0605Can Place FlowersGoEasy31.7%
0628Maximum Product of Three NumbersGoEasyO(n)O(1)46.8%
0643Maximum Average Subarray IGoEasy42.0%
0661Image SmootherGoEasy52.4%
0665Non-decreasing ArrayGoMedium19.9%
0667Beautiful Arrangement IIGoMedium59.0%
0674Longest Continuous Increasing SubsequenceGoEasy46.0%
0695Max Area of IslandGoMedium65.2%
0697Degree of an ArrayGoEasy54.5%
0713Subarray Product Less Than KGoMediumO(n)O(1)40.6%
0714Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with Transaction FeeGoMediumO(n)O(1)58.1%
07171-bit and 2-bit CharactersGoEasy46.9%
0718Maximum Length of Repeated SubarrayGoMedium50.5%
0719Find K-th Smallest Pair DistanceGoHard32.7%
0724Find Pivot IndexGoEasy46.1%
0729My Calendar IGoMedium53.6%
0746Min Cost Climbing StairsGoEasyO(n)O(1)51.0%
0766Toeplitz MatrixGoEasyO(n)O(1)65.9%
0775Global and Local InversionsGoMedium46.2%
0830Positions of Large GroupsGoEasy50.5%
0832Flipping an ImageGoEasy78.3%
0867Transpose MatrixGoEasyO(n)O(1)62.0%
0870Advantage ShuffleGoMedium50.7%
0888Fair Candy SwapGoEasy59.1%
0891Sum of Subsequence WidthsGoHardO(n log n)O(1)33.1%
0896Monotonic ArrayGoEasy57.9%
0907Sum of Subarray MinimumsGoMediumO(n)O(n)❤️33.1%
0914X of a Kind in a Deck of CardsGoEasy34.0%
0918Maximum Sum Circular SubarrayGoMedium34.3%
0922Sort Array By Parity IIGoEasyO(n)O(1)70.7%
0969Pancake SortingGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️68.9%
0977Squares of a Sorted ArrayGoEasyO(n)O(1)71.8%
0978Longest Turbulent SubarrayGoMedium46.7%
0985Sum of Even Numbers After QueriesGoEasy60.6%
0989Add to Array-Form of IntegerGoEasy45.0%
0999Available Captures for RookGoEasy67.8%
1002Find Common CharactersGoEasy68.7%
1011Capacity To Ship Packages Within D DaysGoMedium59.9%
1018Binary Prefix Divisible By 5GoEasy47.7%
1040Moving Stones Until Consecutive IIGoMedium54.2%
1051Height CheckerGoEasy72.2%
1052Grumpy Bookstore OwnerGoMedium55.9%
1074Number of Submatrices That Sum to TargetGoHard62.1%
1089Duplicate ZerosGoEasy51.5%
1122Relative Sort ArrayGoEasy68.2%
1128Number of Equivalent Domino PairsGoEasy46.3%
1157Online Majority Element In SubarrayGoHard40.9%
1160Find Words That Can Be Formed by CharactersGoEasy67.9%
1170Compare Strings by Frequency of the Smallest CharacterGoMedium60.4%
1184Distance Between Bus StopsGoEasy53.9%
1185Day of the WeekGoEasy61.0%
1200Minimum Absolute DifferenceGoEasy67.1%
1202Smallest String With SwapsGoMedium49.0%
1208Get Equal Substrings Within BudgetGoMedium44.3%
1217Minimum Cost to Move Chips to The Same PositionGoEasy70.9%
1232Check If It Is a Straight LineGoEasy43.2%
1252Cells with Odd Values in a MatrixGoEasy78.7%
1260Shift 2D GridGoEasy61.8%
1266Minimum Time Visiting All PointsGoEasy79.3%
1275Find Winner on a Tic Tac Toe GameGoEasy52.8%
1287Element Appearing More Than 25% In Sorted ArrayGoEasy60.3%
1295Find Numbers with Even Number of DigitsGoEasy78.7%
1299Replace Elements with Greatest Element on Right SideGoEasy74.6%
1300Sum of Mutated Array Closest to TargetGoMedium43.0%
1304Find N Unique Integers Sum up to ZeroGoEasy76.7%
1313Decompress Run-Length Encoded ListGoEasy85.4%
1329Sort the Matrix DiagonallyGoMedium81.6%
1337The K Weakest Rows in a MatrixGoEasy72.1%
1380Lucky Numbers in a MatrixGoEasy70.4%
1385Find the Distance Value Between Two ArraysGoEasy66.4%
1389Create Target Array in the Given OrderGoEasy84.9%
1423Maximum Points You Can Obtain from CardsGoMedium46.9%
1437Check If All 1’s Are at Least Length K Places AwayGoEasy62.0%
1438Longest Continuous Subarray With Absolute Diff Less Than or Equal to LimitGoMedium44.4%
1464Maximum Product of Two Elements in an ArrayGoEasy77.1%
1470Shuffle the ArrayGoEasy88.1%
1480Running Sum of 1d ArrayGoEasy88.6%
1512Number of Good PairsGoEasy87.6%
1539Kth Missing Positive NumberGoEasy54.8%
1608Special Array With X Elements Greater Than or Equal XGoEasy61.3%
1619Mean of Array After Removing Some ElementsGoEasy64.5%
1629Slowest KeyGoEasy59.1%
1636Sort Array by Increasing FrequencyGoEasy66.8%
1640Check Array Formation Through ConcatenationGoEasy59.7%
1646Get Maximum in Generated ArrayGoEasy53.1%
1652Defuse the BombGoEasy61.6%
1656Design an Ordered StreamGoEasy82.1%
1672Richest Customer WealthGoEasy88.2%
1700Number of Students Unable to Eat LunchGoEasy67.6%
1732Find the Highest AltitudeGoEasy79.9%
1742Maximum Number of Balls in a BoxGoEasy73.8%
1748Sum of Unique ElementsGoEasy74.8%
1752Check if Array Is Sorted and RotatedGoEasy60.9%
1758Minimum Changes To Make Alternating Binary StringGoEasy58.1%



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