2.02 String

String #

0003Longest Substring Without Repeating CharactersGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️33.8%
0005Longest Palindromic SubstringGoMedium32.4%
0006Zigzag ConversionGoMedium44.8%
0008String to Integer (atoi)GoMedium16.6%
0012Integer to RomanGoMedium62.0%
0013Roman to IntegerGoEasy58.5%
0014Longest Common PrefixGoEasy40.9%
0017Letter Combinations of a Phone NumberGoMediumO(log n)O(1)56.5%
0020Valid ParenthesesGoEasyO(log n)O(1)40.2%
0022Generate ParenthesesGoMediumO(log n)O(1)72.5%
0028Find the Index of the First Occurrence in a StringGoEasyO(n)O(1)39.0%
0030Substring with Concatenation of All WordsGoHardO(n)O(n)❤️31.2%
0032Longest Valid ParenthesesGoHard32.8%
0043Multiply StringsGoMedium39.2%
0049Group AnagramsGoMediumO(n log n)O(n)66.7%
0058Length of Last WordGoEasy42.8%
0065Valid NumberGoHard18.7%
0067Add BinaryGoEasy52.4%
0071Simplify PathGoMediumO(n)O(n)39.3%
0076Minimum Window SubstringGoHardO(n)O(n)❤️40.9%
0091Decode WaysGoMediumO(n)O(n)32.7%
0093Restore IP AddressesGoMediumO(n)O(n)❤️47.4%
0097Interleaving StringGoMedium37.3%
0115Distinct SubsequencesGoHard44.4%
0125Valid PalindromeGoEasyO(n)O(1)44.3%
0126Word Ladder IIGoHardO(n)O(n^2)❤️27.5%
0127Word LadderGoHard37.1%
0131Palindrome PartitioningGoMedium64.8%
0151Reverse Words in a StringGoMedium32.7%
0168Excel Sheet Column TitleGoEasy35.5%
0171Excel Sheet Column NumberGoEasy62.0%
0179Largest NumberGoMedium34.5%
0187Repeated DNA SequencesGoMedium46.9%
0205Isomorphic StringsGoEasy42.9%
0208Implement Trie (Prefix Tree)GoMedium62.7%
0211Design Add and Search Words Data StructureGoMedium44.0%
0212Word Search IIGoHard36.4%
0224Basic CalculatorGoHard42.4%
0227Basic Calculator IIGoMedium42.4%
0242Valid AnagramGoEasy63.0%
0257Binary Tree PathsGoEasy61.4%
0290Word PatternGoEasy41.7%
0297Serialize and Deserialize Binary TreeGoHard55.4%
0299Bulls and CowsGoMedium49.4%
0301Remove Invalid ParenthesesGoHard47.2%
0306Additive NumberGoMedium31.1%
0318Maximum Product of Word LengthsGoMedium59.9%
0331Verify Preorder Serialization of a Binary TreeGoMedium44.6%
0344Reverse StringGoEasyO(n)O(1)76.7%
0345Reverse Vowels of a StringGoEasyO(n)O(1)50.1%
0383Ransom NoteGoEasy58.2%
0385Mini ParserGoMedium36.9%
0387First Unique Character in a StringGoEasy59.6%
0389Find the DifferenceGoEasy59.9%
0392Is SubsequenceGoEasy47.6%
0394Decode StringGoMedium57.9%
0395Longest Substring with At Least K Repeating CharactersGoMedium44.8%
0402Remove K DigitsGoMedium30.6%
0409Longest PalindromeGoEasy54.2%
0412Fizz BuzzGoEasy69.9%
0423Reconstruct Original Digits from EnglishGoMedium51.3%
0424Longest Repeating Character ReplacementGoMedium51.9%
0433Minimum Genetic MutationGoMedium52.3%
0434Number of Segments in a StringGoEasy37.2%
0438Find All Anagrams in a StringGoMedium50.2%
0451Sort Characters By FrequencyGoMedium70.1%
0474Ones and ZeroesGoMedium46.8%
0488Zuma GameGoHard33.9%
0500Keyboard RowGoEasy69.5%
0520Detect CapitalGoEasy57.0%
0524Longest Word in Dictionary through DeletingGoMedium51.0%
0535Encode and Decode TinyURLGoMedium85.9%
0537Complex Number MultiplicationGoMedium71.4%
0541Reverse String IIGoEasy50.5%
0551Student Attendance Record IGoEasy48.2%
0557Reverse Words in a String IIIGoEasy81.9%
0567Permutation in StringGoMedium44.3%
0583Delete Operation for Two StringsGoMedium59.8%
0599Minimum Index Sum of Two ListsGoEasy53.4%
0609Find Duplicate File in SystemGoMedium67.7%
0647Palindromic SubstringsGoMedium66.8%
0648Replace WordsGoMedium62.7%
0676Implement Magic DictionaryGoMedium57.0%
0677Map Sum PairsGoMedium56.8%
0692Top K Frequent WordsGoMedium57.2%
0696Count Binary SubstringsGoEasy65.5%
0709To Lower CaseGoEasy82.4%
0720Longest Word in DictionaryGoMedium52.0%
0721Accounts MergeGoMedium56.3%
0726Number of AtomsGoHard52.1%
0745Prefix and Suffix SearchGoHard41.2%
0748Shortest Completing WordGoEasy59.3%
0752Open the LockGoMedium55.6%
0763Partition LabelsGoMedium79.7%
0767Reorganize StringGoMediumO(n log n)O(log n)❤️52.9%
0771Jewels and StonesGoEasy88.2%
0784Letter Case PermutationGoMedium73.8%
0791Custom Sort StringGoMedium69.1%
0792Number of Matching SubsequencesGoMedium51.6%
0794Valid Tic-Tac-Toe StateGoMedium35.1%
0811Subdomain Visit CountGoMedium75.5%
0816Ambiguous CoordinatesGoMedium56.3%
0819Most Common WordGoEasy44.8%
0820Short Encoding of WordsGoMedium60.6%
0821Shortest Distance to a CharacterGoEasy71.3%
0828Count Unique Characters of All Substrings of a Given StringGoHard51.6%
0830Positions of Large GroupsGoEasy51.8%
0838Push DominoesGoMedium57.0%
0839Similar String GroupsGoHard48.0%
0842Split Array into Fibonacci SequenceGoMediumO(n^2)O(1)❤️38.4%
0844Backspace String CompareGoEasy48.1%
0856Score of ParenthesesGoMediumO(n)O(n)64.8%
0859Buddy StringsGoEasy29.2%
0880Decoded String at IndexGoMedium28.3%
0884Uncommon Words from Two SentencesGoEasy66.3%
0890Find and Replace PatternGoMedium77.6%
0916Word SubsetsGoMedium53.7%
0921Minimum Add to Make Parentheses ValidGoMedium75.8%
0925Long Pressed NameGoEasyO(n)O(1)33.1%
0942DI String MatchGoEasy77.3%
0949Largest Time for Given DigitsGoMedium35.2%
0953Verifying an Alien DictionaryGoEasy54.5%
0966Vowel SpellcheckerGoMedium51.4%
0981Time Based Key-Value StoreGoMedium52.3%
0984String Without AAA or BBBGoMedium43.1%
0990Satisfiability of Equality EquationsGoMedium50.5%
1002Find Common CharactersGoEasy68.5%
1003Check If Word Is Valid After SubstitutionsGoMediumO(n)O(1)58.2%
1021Remove Outermost ParenthesesGoEasy80.6%
1028Recover a Tree From Preorder TraversalGoHard73.3%
1047Remove All Adjacent Duplicates In StringGoEasy69.7%
1048Longest String ChainGoMedium59.2%
1078Occurrences After BigramGoEasy63.6%
1079Letter Tile PossibilitiesGoMedium76.0%
1108Defanging an IP AddressGoEasy89.1%
1111Maximum Nesting Depth of Two Valid Parentheses StringsGoMedium73.0%
1143Longest Common SubsequenceGoMedium58.4%
1154Day of the YearGoEasy49.6%
1160Find Words That Can Be Formed by CharactersGoEasy67.5%
1170Compare Strings by Frequency of the Smallest CharacterGoMedium61.5%
1178Number of Valid Words for Each PuzzleGoHard46.3%
1189Maximum Number of BalloonsGoEasy61.0%
1190Reverse Substrings Between Each Pair of ParenthesesGoMedium65.9%
1202Smallest String With SwapsGoMedium57.7%
1208Get Equal Substrings Within BudgetGoMedium48.5%
1209Remove All Adjacent Duplicates in String IIGoMedium56.2%
1221Split a String in Balanced StringsGoEasy85.1%
1234Replace the Substring for Balanced StringGoMedium37.2%
1239Maximum Length of a Concatenated String with Unique CharactersGoMedium52.2%
1249Minimum Remove to Make Valid ParenthesesGoMedium65.8%
1268Search Suggestions SystemGoMedium66.2%
1332Remove Palindromic SubsequencesGoEasy76.2%
1396Design Underground SystemGoMedium73.6%
1446Consecutive CharactersGoEasy61.2%
1455Check If a Word Occurs As a Prefix of Any Word in a SentenceGoEasy64.2%
1461Check If a String Contains All Binary Codes of Size KGoMedium56.6%
1573Number of Ways to Split a StringGoMedium32.5%
1576Replace All ?’s to Avoid Consecutive Repeating CharactersGoEasy48.3%
1614Maximum Nesting Depth of the ParenthesesGoEasy82.3%
1624Largest Substring Between Two Equal CharactersGoEasy59.1%
1629Slowest KeyGoEasy59.2%
1647Minimum Deletions to Make Character Frequencies UniqueGoMedium59.1%
1653Minimum Deletions to Make String BalancedGoMedium58.9%
1657Determine if Two Strings Are CloseGoMedium56.3%
1662Check If Two String Arrays are EquivalentGoEasy83.5%
1663Smallest String With A Given Numeric ValueGoMedium66.8%
1668Maximum Repeating SubstringGoEasy39.5%
1678Goal Parser InterpretationGoEasy86.5%
1684Count the Number of Consistent StringsGoEasy82.2%
1689Partitioning Into Minimum Number Of Deci-Binary NumbersGoMedium89.2%
1694Reformat Phone NumberGoEasy65.1%
1704Determine if String Halves Are AlikeGoEasy77.7%
1736Latest Time by Replacing Hidden DigitsGoEasy42.4%
1758Minimum Changes To Make Alternating Binary StringGoEasy58.3%
1763Longest Nice SubstringGoEasy61.6%
1816Truncate SentenceGoEasy83.0%
2038Remove Colored Pieces if Both Neighbors are the Same ColorGoMedium57.9%
2096Step-By-Step Directions From a Binary Tree Node to AnotherGoMedium48.4%
2167Minimum Time to Remove All Cars Containing Illegal GoodsGoHard40.7%
2182Construct String With Repeat LimitGoMedium52.2%



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