2.06 Tree

Tree #

0094Binary Tree Inorder TraversalGoEasyO(n)O(1)69.1%
0095Unique Binary Search Trees IIGoMedium47.6%
0096Unique Binary Search TreesGoMediumO(n^2)O(n)57.3%
0098Validate Binary Search TreeGoMediumO(n)O(1)29.8%
0099Recover Binary Search TreeGoMediumO(n)O(1)45.0%
0100Same TreeGoEasyO(n)O(1)54.9%
0101Symmetric TreeGoEasyO(n)O(1)50.4%
0102Binary Tree Level Order TraversalGoMediumO(n)O(1)59.4%
0103Binary Tree Zigzag Level Order TraversalGoMediumO(n)O(n)52.3%
0104Maximum Depth of Binary TreeGoEasyO(n)O(1)70.3%
0105Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder TraversalGoMedium55.7%
0106Construct Binary Tree from Inorder and Postorder TraversalGoMedium53.7%
0107Binary Tree Level Order Traversal IIGoMediumO(n)O(1)57.4%
0108Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search TreeGoEasyO(n)O(1)64.4%
0109Convert Sorted List to Binary Search TreeGoMedium54.1%
0110Balanced Binary TreeGoEasyO(n)O(1)45.9%
0111Minimum Depth of Binary TreeGoEasyO(n)O(1)41.4%
0112Path SumGoEasyO(n)O(1)44.3%
0113Path Sum IIGoMediumO(n)O(1)52.6%
0114Flatten Binary Tree to Linked ListGoMediumO(n)O(1)56.0%
0116Populating Next Right Pointers in Each NodeGoMedium53.5%
0124Binary Tree Maximum Path SumGoHardO(n)O(1)36.9%
0129Sum Root to Leaf NumbersGoMediumO(n)O(1)55.1%
0144Binary Tree Preorder TraversalGoEasyO(n)O(1)60.5%
0145Binary Tree Postorder TraversalGoEasyO(n)O(1)61.6%
0173Binary Search Tree IteratorGoMediumO(n)O(1)63.6%
0199Binary Tree Right Side ViewGoMediumO(n)O(1)58.4%
0222Count Complete Tree NodesGoMediumO(n)O(1)53.6%
0226Invert Binary TreeGoEasyO(n)O(1)70.1%
0230Kth Smallest Element in a BSTGoMediumO(n)O(1)65.3%
0235Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Search TreeGoEasyO(n)O(1)55.2%
0236Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary TreeGoMediumO(n)O(1)53.1%
0257Binary Tree PathsGoEasyO(n)O(1)56.8%
0297Serialize and Deserialize Binary TreeGoHard52.4%
0331Verify Preorder Serialization of a Binary TreeGoMedium43.4%
0337House Robber IIIGoMedium52.5%
0341Flatten Nested List IteratorGoMedium57.6%
0404Sum of Left LeavesGoEasyO(n)O(1)54.3%
0429N-ary Tree Level Order TraversalGoMedium68.2%
0437Path Sum IIIGoMediumO(n)O(1)49.7%
0508Most Frequent Subtree SumGoMedium61.5%
0513Find Bottom Left Tree ValueGoMedium64.2%
0515Find Largest Value in Each Tree RowGoMediumO(n)O(n)63.8%
0530Minimum Absolute Difference in BSTGoEasy55.8%
0538Convert BST to Greater TreeGoMedium61.8%
0543Diameter of Binary TreeGoEasy52.6%
0559Maximum Depth of N-ary TreeGoEasy70.4%
0563Binary Tree TiltGoEasy55.0%
0572Subtree of Another TreeGoEasy44.9%
0589N-ary Tree Preorder TraversalGoEasy75.3%
0617Merge Two Binary TreesGoEasy77.0%
0623Add One Row to TreeGoMedium53.5%
0637Average of Levels in Binary TreeGoEasyO(n)O(n)67.6%
0653Two Sum IV - Input is a BSTGoEasy58.1%
0662Maximum Width of Binary TreeGoMedium39.7%
0669Trim a Binary Search TreeGoMedium64.4%
0700Search in a Binary Search TreeGoEasy74.4%
0703Kth Largest Element in a StreamGoEasy52.1%
0783Minimum Distance Between BST NodesGoEasy55.4%
0834Sum of Distances in TreeGoHard52.4%
0863All Nodes Distance K in Binary TreeGoMedium60.0%
0872Leaf-Similar TreesGoEasy64.7%
0897Increasing Order Search TreeGoEasy75.6%
0938Range Sum of BSTGoEasy84.1%
0958Check Completeness of a Binary TreeGoMedium53.0%
0968Binary Tree CamerasGoHard41.2%
0971Flip Binary Tree To Match Preorder TraversalGoMedium49.9%
0979Distribute Coins in Binary TreeGoMedium70.8%
0987Vertical Order Traversal of a Binary TreeGoHard40.1%
0993Cousins in Binary TreeGoEasyO(n)O(1)53.6%
1026Maximum Difference Between Node and AncestorGoMedium70.8%
1028Recover a Tree From Preorder TraversalGoHard71.9%
1038Binary Search Tree to Greater Sum TreeGoMedium84.0%
1104Path In Zigzag Labelled Binary TreeGoMedium74.0%
1110Delete Nodes And Return ForestGoMedium68.8%
1123Lowest Common Ancestor of Deepest LeavesGoMedium69.2%
1145Binary Tree Coloring GameGoMedium51.1%
1302Deepest Leaves SumGoMedium85.6%
1305All Elements in Two Binary Search TreesGoMedium78.6%
1600Throne InheritanceGoMedium62.3%



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