2.03 ✅ Two Pointers

Two Pointers #

  • 双指针滑动窗口的经典写法。右指针不断往右移,移动到不能往右移动为止(具体条件根据题目而定)。当右指针到最右边以后,开始挪动左指针,释放窗口左边界。第 3 题,第 76 题,第 209 题,第 424 题,第 438 题,第 567 题,第 713 题,第 763 题,第 845 题,第 881 题,第 904 题,第 978 题,第 992 题,第 1004 题,第 1040 题,第 1052 题。
	left, right := 0, -1

	for left < len(s) {
		if right+1 < len(s) && freq[s[right+1]-'a'] == 0 {
		} else {
		result = max(result, right-left+1)
  • 快慢指针可以查找重复数字,时间复杂度 O(n),第 287 题。
  • 替换字母以后,相同字母能出现连续最长的长度。第 424 题。
  • SUM 问题集。第 1 题,第 15 题,第 16 题,第 18 题,第 167 题,第 923 题,第 1074 题。
0011Container With Most WaterGoMediumO(n)O(1)54.0%
00163Sum ClosestGoMediumO(n^2)O(1)❤️45.8%
0019Remove Nth Node From End of ListGoMediumO(n)O(1)41.0%
0026Remove Duplicates from Sorted ArrayGoEasyO(n)O(1)51.5%
0027Remove ElementGoEasyO(n)O(1)53.0%
0028Find the Index of the First Occurrence in a StringGoEasyO(n)O(1)39.0%
0031Next PermutationGoMedium37.5%
0042Trapping Rain WaterGoHardO(n)O(1)❤️59.2%
0061Rotate ListGoMediumO(n)O(1)36.1%
0075Sort ColorsGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️58.5%
0080Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array IIGoMediumO(n)O(152.3%
0082Remove Duplicates from Sorted List IIGoMedium45.9%
0086Partition ListGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️52.0%
0088Merge Sorted ArrayGoEasyO(n)O(1)❤️46.6%
0125Valid PalindromeGoEasyO(n)O(1)44.3%
0141Linked List CycleGoEasyO(n)O(1)❤️47.4%
0142Linked List Cycle IIGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️48.7%
0143Reorder ListGoMedium52.5%
0148Sort ListGoMedium55.1%
0151Reverse Words in a StringGoMedium32.7%
0160Intersection of Two Linked ListsGoEasy54.3%
0167Two Sum II - Input Array Is SortedGoMediumO(n)O(1)60.0%
0189Rotate ArrayGoMedium39.4%
0202Happy NumberGoEasy54.8%
0234Palindrome Linked ListGoEasyO(n)O(1)50.2%
0283Move ZeroesGoEasyO(n)O(1)61.4%
0287Find the Duplicate NumberGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️59.1%
0344Reverse StringGoEasyO(n)O(1)76.7%
0345Reverse Vowels of a StringGoEasyO(n)O(1)50.1%
0349Intersection of Two ArraysGoEasyO(n)O(n)70.9%
0350Intersection of Two Arrays IIGoEasyO(n)O(n)56.0%
0392Is SubsequenceGoEasy47.6%
0455Assign CookiesGoEasy49.9%
0457Circular Array LoopGoMedium32.6%
0524Longest Word in Dictionary through DeletingGoMediumO(n)O(1)51.0%
0532K-diff Pairs in an ArrayGoMediumO(n)O(n)41.2%
0541Reverse String IIGoEasy50.5%
0557Reverse Words in a String IIIGoEasy81.9%
0567Permutation in StringGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️44.3%
0581Shortest Unsorted Continuous SubarrayGoMedium36.4%
0611Valid Triangle NumberGoMedium50.5%
0633Sum of Square NumbersGoMedium34.4%
0653Two Sum IV - Input is a BSTGoEasy61.0%
0658Find K Closest ElementsGoMedium46.8%
0696Count Binary SubstringsGoEasy65.5%
0719Find K-th Smallest Pair DistanceGoHard36.7%
0763Partition LabelsGoMediumO(n)O(1)❤️79.7%
0795Number of Subarrays with Bounded MaximumGoMedium52.8%
0821Shortest Distance to a CharacterGoEasy71.3%
0825Friends Of Appropriate AgesGoMedium46.3%
0826Most Profit Assigning WorkGoMediumO(n log n)O(n)44.9%
0832Flipping an ImageGoEasy80.8%
0838Push DominoesGoMediumO(n)O(n)57.0%
0844Backspace String CompareGoEasyO(n)O(n)48.1%
0845Longest Mountain in ArrayGoMediumO(n)O(1)40.2%
0870Advantage ShuffleGoMedium51.8%
0876Middle of the Linked ListGoEasy75.6%
0881Boats to Save PeopleGoMediumO(n log n)O(1)53.1%
0922Sort Array By Parity IIGoEasy70.7%
09233Sum With MultiplicityGoMediumO(n^2)O(n)45.3%
0925Long Pressed NameGoEasyO(n)O(1)33.1%
0942DI String MatchGoEasy77.3%
0969Pancake SortingGoMedium70.1%
0977Squares of a Sorted ArrayGoEasyO(n)O(1)71.9%
0986Interval List IntersectionsGoMediumO(n)O(1)71.3%
1040Moving Stones Until Consecutive IIGoMedium55.9%
1048Longest String ChainGoMedium59.2%
1089Duplicate ZerosGoEasy51.5%
1332Remove Palindromic SubsequencesGoEasy76.2%
1385Find the Distance Value Between Two ArraysGoEasy66.5%
1679Max Number of K-Sum PairsGoMedium57.3%
1721Swapping Nodes in a Linked ListGoMedium67.2%
1877Minimize Maximum Pair Sum in ArrayGoMedium79.9%



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